News Updates

  • Where Did My America
    , becomes Amazon
    best seller at #6 in the
    top 100

  • Success By Default,
    Becomes Amazon best seller at #22 after
    Forbes review said,
    "This book belongs on
    the desk of every CEO
    in America."

  • I will be appearing in Atlanta, GA
    at the Apartment Managers Assoc. 
    event on Mar. 17, 2017

  •  My new novel
    "The Conversion

    Has been awarded
    "Best Book in Fiction
    for 2015"
    It has been written for
    the Hollywood screen.  


Books by Michael Solomon

Success By Default®

I wrote “Success By default”® The Depersonalization of Corporate America out of my frustrations directed towards corporate America.Success By Default, by Michael Solomon

I was tired of being treated as if I was the enemy by corporate customer service departments. I broke my index finger twice (author’s joke) pushing telephone prompts in an attempt to hear a human voice. If you are as frustrated as I was this is a must read. It is a study in humanness and how business should be conducted.

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Where Did My America GO?

Where Did My America Go, By Michael Solomon
There are two reasons “Where Did My America Go?” was written. First as a traditionalist, I am insulted by the American Civil Liberties Union actions trying to tell me what is good for me. That was my parent’s obligation and I know they did a damn good job of it.

Secondly, I wanted to search for the truth in American politics instead of listening to the biased media that likes to print only what they want us to know. As I spell it out and name names you will constantly be asked are you outraged yet?

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